Client Success Story (Minim)

May 12, 2024

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Hear about the project, in a fun Q&A style, that a top Video Production firm MINIM produced for a client.

Could you give us a brief overview of a standout project recently completed?

We recently completed an awesome project with "Lucky F*CK Energy". They came to us with a rough mildly risqué idea and were looking for a partner who could deliver on their imagination.

We delivered spectacularly.

It was for a sports energy drink company new to the market that has started to make waves.

What specific challenges did your client, Lucky F*CK, face that led them to seek your video production services?

The challenge was that it was almost the second week of December and they were wanting to launch the first week of January. We put this entire project together and delivered the 1st draft in under 3 weeks.

How did your approach or methodology uniquely address challenges?

Everything in our industry is needed yesterday, so we were up for the challenge.

Our team of creatives and production crew pulled together to quickly build assets, garner top talent, and deliver as promised.

Did your team implement any innovative strategies or technologies in this project? How did these contribute to the outcome?

Because our streamlined process for developing content is so ironed out it was very easy to put everything together quickly and high quality.

Were there any significant obstacles or unexpected turns during the project?

Our main talent for one of the scenes canceled the night before the shoot date because of flight cancellation due to weather. We were able to quickly get another actress to fulfill the position with the approval of the client.

We also had incredibly harsh weather that made it really difficult to get our last scene which was an outdoor scene shot the way the client had wanted. In the end, our incredible team of professionals shifted our shoot date to a different date that worked out perfectly.

This left us with less time in the editing room, but our team is fast and incredibly able to tackle the short deadline.

How did you collaborate with the client throughout the project? Were there any notable synergies or learning experiences?

Our team collaborated seamlessly throughout the process giving suggestions and helping with story and talent selections.

We also were able to help revise the creative brief so that it garnered a more engaging response from their audience.

What measurable results or tangible benefits did they experience as a result of your work?

The main advertisement asset we delivered garnered almost 2.5 million views in less than 8 days. The brand had an increase of 15% followers on their main social accounts and an increase in sales.

How do you anticipate this project will impact their success going forward?

This project has set the brand in a place competing with some of the larger energy drink companies as a heavyweight contender. All assets provided including photography had a higher production value and placed the overall brand in a much higher perspective in the market.

How did the client respond to the completed project? Do you have any client testimonials you could share?

"Your videos are performing very well for us and we are very pleased with the work we received." - Hunter, Chief of Staff

How does this project exemplify MINIM's core strengths or unique selling points?

This project exemplifies the strength of our team being able to develop high end - engaging content in a very short amount of time. Three weeks to develop, produce, deliver a high production value - high performing quality content isn't easy, but we do it with ease. All while staying right within the budget the client needed to operate under.

Looking back, what aspects of the project are you most proud of, and why?

I am most proud of the level of quality and how the look is exactly what the client was expecting. Never at any moment did the client say that this wasn't what they were looking for. I think we specialize in understanding what the clients real needs are and how that is expressed visually.

What were the key learnings from this project? How has this experience enhanced your agency's capabilities?

We learned that we operate wonderfully under the gun. This project battled time, the holidays, weather, and even scarcity of workers. This was the time of the year that everyone was gone spending time with their families. I'm just grateful for the team we have that can come together in the midst of challenges and truly deliver for our clients not just great content, but content that performs.

Based on your experience with this project, what advice would you give to other companies facing similar challenges?

Process, back up plans, and adaptability. In the world of production, something always goes wrong or not as you expected which is why pre-production is so important. The processes we have help keep us glued to the map in case things start to veer off course.

Thankfully, we've been through many challenges and seasons where we have had to adapt and because of that we're no novice when it comes to being quick on our feet. We have built systems that have back ups in case things don't work because sometimes they don't. 

To be in this industry is to be professionally adaptable because things can change in an instant. Again, we have a great team of problem solvers that won't stop until each issue has been solved. Build this and you will win.

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