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We believe the future of work = more agencies

In a noisy and saturated market, our platform serves as a trusted resource for companies to discover and connect with firms that they can trust and work with

50Pros is backed by seasoned technologists & entrepreneurs in the match-making industry

#1 platform trusted by Fortune 500 companies to find agencies

A fully vetted & curated marketplace

HQ Address:
169 Madison Ave #2336
New York, NY 10016

Operating remotely and globally


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We do not hire employees, we instead use our own product and only hire/contract agencies

50Pros is operationally run by several agencies, totaling a staff of 30

How we operate

50Pros famously operates without employees and uses agencies & contracted work to operate

Research Team
Committed to identifying and curating the best agencies in the world, as well as researching market trends for clients
Sales & Marketing Team (Clients)
Committed to helping companies/brands know about the value of agencies, and showcasing wonderful agencies on 50Pros
Sales & Marketing Team (Agencies)
Committed to supporting top-rated agencies in more than 150 professional service categories to thrive and grow
Content Team
Committed to developing relevant & useful content as a resource for agenices and clients
Customer Success Team
Committed to providing quality responsiveness to those that rely on the work we do each day
Strategy Team
Committed to making the greatest impact for the future of work and making workplaces better & more efficient
Product & Technical Team
Committed to building products that make people's workday much happier
Match-making Team
Committed to getting clients connected with the right agencies and assisting in project scopes
SDR Team
Committed to getting agencies new clients and business growth

Our objectives, simply put

#1 - Provide a trustworthy & reliable source of information for top companies, specifically Fortune 1,000 companies, to discover the best agencies

#2 - Support the best agencies by showcasing & connecting them with their future clients; as well as providing best-in-class network distribution & support

Why the best companies in the world choose 50Pros to find firms

Only the best agencies

Each agency on 50Pros is vetted so you can trust who you hire with confidence

150+ in-demand categories

From PR to SEO to AI, we have the best teams for any project you have

Easy & fast start

Links go to homepages, so you can directly contact a firm (no signup)

Full support

Our friendly team is at your service Monday - Friday, 9AM-9PM EST

Unbiased lists

Each directory is randomized on each refresh (no pay-to-rank-higher)

And much more

More than a directory, we are committed to the future of work