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50Pros is an invite-only, vetted, & curated platform that evaluates, recognizes, lists, showcases, and actively promotes the top 50 firms in 50 professional-service categories

In addition, we provide a white-glove match-making service to Fortune 500 companies looking to hire top agencies

100% vetted platform

We list only the best agencies, vetting to ensure that each firm is 1) competent in their field; 2) able to produce results; 3) reliable & trustworthy; 4) well-equipped for long-term potential

Total Level-2 ("Top 50") Categories:


Total Categories (Full Taxonomy):


Maximum Firms per Category:


Our Target Users:

Fortune 1,000 + VC-backed startups

F1000 Aggregate Revenue:

$32+ Trillion USD / year

F1000 Total Employees:

36+ Million

50Pros Distribution (p, impssn., 2024):


Total Outsourcing Spend (p, 2024):

$1.0 Tillion USD


70+ partnerships from our world-class partners

We focus on the highest-revenue companies in the US

We serve Fortune 1,000 companies as "match-makers" by connecting them with top agencies for any initiative, campaign, or project

Full list of Fortune 500 companies

As of 2023, our distribution efforts also target companies that raised cash from Venture Capital and fast-growing startups

The simple, transparent methods we use to promote the 50Pros platform and your firm

50Pros is distributed to millions of people around the world, with a core focus in the US

Direct Relationships

Implementation of 50Pros into companys' toolbelts of resources

Print Advertisements

Full-page ads on national magazines, like Entrepreneur

Paid Digital Ads

Primarily paid LinkedIn and Google advertisements

Outbound Sales

6 hybrid direct outbound methods to reach audiences


Onboard users through exclusive partnerships, such as VCs

Word of Mouth

Build a phenomenal community...and they will come!

How It Works  (for agencies)

Get invited & apply

As an invite-only platform, you can only request a spot if someone from our team has sent a preliminary invite (or if you have been referred by another agency)

Then, apply to join by submitting a questionnaire


We review & feature your agency

We take 2 weeks to review and determine if your agency meets the qualifications to make the list in your category

If you get accepted, our team manages your listing and showcases your firm on 50Pros

Enjoy the benefits

Take advantage of all the sweet things that come with being featured on 50Pros

Since links go directly to your homepage, all prospective clients will contact you directly


We deliver real value so you can deliver real value

Small Client List -
Big Spending Power

We showcase you to the 1,000 best companies in the United States who together comprise of $18T (trillion) in revenue and more than 36M (million) employees that are looking to hire agencies like yours.

Esteemed Endorsement

We only list firms we like love and trust to produce stellar results for clients. By making our list, you meet our qualifications & receive our confidence.

(And you get a neat badge to show that off).

"Not another profile!"

We get it - the last thing you want is to register on another website that complicates your workflow. There are no profiles on 50Pros and all links go to your website so clients can contact you directly.

Simple & easy.

No Pay-to-Rank

It's not cool to get milked for cash. Each list is randomized each time to give everyone a fair shake.

No ads.
No sponsored rankings.

Be An Insider

As a leading authority in the professional services brokerage space, we give our community exclusive access to special insights & industry reports from the top leaders & experts.

Free Perks

We partner with the best companies on Earth to give you sweet, exclusive perks (over $50,000 in value).

Why the best companies in the world choose 50Pros to find firms

Only the best agencies

Each agency on 50Pros is vetted so you can trust who you hire with confidence

150+ in-demand categories

From PR to SEO to AI, we have the best teams for any project you have

Easy & fast start

Links go to homepages, so you can directly contact a firm (no signup)

Full support

Our friendly team is at your service Monday - Friday, 9AM-9PM EST

Unbiased lists

Each directory is randomized on each refresh (no pay-to-rank-higher)

And much more

More than a directory, we are committed to the future of work