Client Success Story (Amanda Grace)

May 20, 2024

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Hear about the project, in a fun Q&A style, that a top voiceover artist Amanda Grace produced for a client.

Can you give us a brief overview of a standout voiceover project you've recently completed?

One of my favorite opportunities for voiceover was when I was invited to work on a project for NASA. The job involved reading a script put to video, to share the information about the international space station.  As this station is now changing into more of a commercial space station where people will be able to visit and spend more time in low earth orbit.

What specific challenges did this project present, and how did they shape your approach?

I was asked to provide a number of different versions before the final approval was given, so that took some patience for sure.

How did you collaborate with the production team or other stakeholders during this project?

I was working closely with the agent on this project to ensure a timely delivery of the files to the client.

What measurable results or tangible impacts did this project have on the final production?

I feel that the voiceover was very important in providing a smooth, informational and inspiring performance that greatly enhanced the final product online for NASA.

What was the feedback from clients or directors on your performance? Do you have any testimonials to share?

I am very happy that the client provided a 5 star rating on my voiceover performance for the NASA project.

What were the key learnings from this project? How has this experience enhanced your skills or approach to voiceover work?

I learned a lot about how to pair an informative read with an inspiration voiceover read. There was a turning point in the script and I was able to grow in my skills as an actor.

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