Client Success Story (Halo Lab)

May 9, 2024

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Hear about the project, in a fun Q&A style, that a top Web Design & Development agency Halo Lab produced for a client.

Could you give us a brief overview of a standout project recently completed?

Our client, The Variable, is an independent creative agency that specializes in providing design services focused on marketing and advertising materials. They drive growth for today, which ensures growth for tomorrow. Because of such a unique approach, The Variable collaborated with globally-recognized brands, like Electrolux, Scotts Miracle-Gro, Char-Broil, NAPA Auto Parts, BASF, Nestlé, and P&G, helping companies across the globe relentlessly combat their greatest challenge: consumer indifference.

The services we provided for them were in website design and Webflow development.

What specific challenges did your client, The Variable, face that led them to seek your services?

The primary challenge of this project was aligning the website design with The Variable's rebellious and innovative spirit. A complete digital overhaul was needed, involving defining the company's target audience, creating a bold and user-friendly UI/UX design, and implementing customized elements and catchy details to bring our ideas to life.

How did Halo Lab's approach or methodology uniquely address these challenges?

Our team tackled the project's challenges head-on, aiming to enhance the agency's identity. We opted for a bold design approach, using a contrasting color palette, large media elements, striking typography, and personalized icons. The result is a vibrant and well-structured website, reflecting The Variable's spirit.

Did your team implement any innovative strategies or technologies in this project? How did these contribute to the outcome?

Bold brutal design. Having identified the struggles of the client’s customers and their companies, we needed to find the right design solutions.

We selected colors like black, purple, and red to match the rebellious mood. To balance this, we added touches of light gray and white.

For fonts, we used Barlow Condensed for headers and Montserrat for the main body.

Additionally, we included customized stickers, unique animations, and large CTA blocks. This resulted in a design that is both brutal and friendly, perfectly reflecting The Variable's love for experiments and innovations.

How did you collaborate with them throughout the project? Were there any notable synergies or learning experiences?

We coordinated design and development decisions and iterated them to align business goals and user experience.

What measurable results or tangible benefits did they experience as a result of your work?

The company achieved $25M revenue and helped hundreds of organizations to win their customers’ hearts.

How do you anticipate this project will impact the client's success going forward?

According to Statista, by 2027 global digital advertising revenue is projected to surpass one trillion dollars, highlighting its increasing importance in the advertising industry. As The Variable is headquartered in North Carolina, USA, it directly contributes to these numbers, day-by-day fostering the industry’s growth.

How did the client respond to the completed project? Do you have any client testimonials you could share?

Here is what they said: "We couldn’t be more happy than we are with you guys… It gave us a lot of confidence in your team’s ability to do the job well, and we definitely felt like the job was done very well. Internally we have around 95 employees and everybody was just like: Wow! It captures so much about what we do as a company. It is way better than we had before."

How does this project exemplify your agency's core strengths or unique selling points?

Our design-driven approach brings all business ideas to life, we utilized Webflow technology for the strong design decisions.

As a result, our clients attract new customers and stand out from the competition.

Looking back, what aspects of the project are you most proud of, and why?

We integrated Webflow with Zapier. It was beneficial for the client as they could automatically add posts from Instagram to their website.

What were the key learnings from this project? How has this experience enhanced your agency's capabilities?

Bold color combinations, when used in the right proportions, can increase website conversions. Emotional design, on the other hand, can boost the number of returning visitors and enhance trust. With Webflow's extensive integrations, businesses can effectively implement their solutions.

Based on your experience with this project, what advice would you give to other companies facing similar challenges?

Study your audience in detail so that your website resonates with their moods and is easy to use.

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