Client Success Story (Huemor)

March 26, 2024

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Hear about the project, in a fun Q&A style, that a top Web Design & Development agency Huemor produced for a client.

Could you give us a brief overview of a standout project recently completed?

HITT is one of the nation’s largest general contractors, offering lifecycle construction services from small projects to high rises and headquarters campuses.

HITT prides themselves on their innovation and craftsmanship within the highly competitive contractor arena.

What specific challenges did your client face that led them to seek your services?

They were seeking a web presence that not only reflected that, but stood out amongst their competitors. A website that firmly placed themselves as the industry leader for both prospective customers and employees alike.

How did your agency's approach or methodology uniquely address these challenges?

HITT wanted an overall experience that was elevated, but didn’t ignore their roots as an organization. The overall visual design system balances a premium feel with the grit it takes to do the work they do.

Did your team implement any innovative strategies or technologies in this project? How did these contribute to the outcome?

From the second you hit enter on your browser, the experience you get with HITT is unique to any other contractor's website.

The intro animation reveals a compelling video of their team at work, showing the scale and sophistication of their operation.

As you scroll down the page we’ve strategically layered various proof points such as highlighted case studies, statistics, and testimonials that appeal to prospective clients and employees alike.

Were there any significant obstacles or unexpected turns during the project, and how did your team overcome them?

Most companies come to us clamoring to earn more business with their website. HITT obviously wanted their website to be appealing to customers, but had a very bold ambition for 2022 and 2023.

They needed to add 1,000 people to their organization to keep up with the demand of their projects.

It was paramount that the website spoke as much to prospective employees as it did to clients.

The majority of our research centered around how this website could attract and convince candidates HITT was the right place for them.

Our objective with the who we are page for HITT was to demonstrate both authority and attitude in a clear and concise way.

Key statistics show the scale of the organization, and values show what qualities they care about most.

The introduction of their timeline slider also provided them the opportunity to so their longevity and evolution as a contractor.

How did you collaborate with the client throughout the project? Were there any notable synergies or learning experiences?

We collaborated with multiple individuals from the HITT organization throughout the project's lifecycle. We delivered the first phase 6 months after the initial engagement, the second phase 3 months after the first, and the 3rd and final phase 3 months after the second.

What measurable results or tangible benefits did the client experience as a result of your work?

+ 228% Qualified Leads
+ 22% Time On Page
+ 81% Pages Per Session

How do you anticipate this project will impact the client's success going forward?

This website has already added numerous large-scale projects in its pipeline. It has also successfully allowed them to recruit talent with less effort from their internal HR team. I believe that these trends will continue to grow over time.

How did the client respond to the completed project? Do you have any client testimonials you could share?

"HUEMOR has truly seen where we can take the website and make it look significantly different from all of our competitors."

- Scott Greenberg, Director of Marketing at HITT

How does this project exemplify your agency's core strengths or unique selling points?

We operate at the intersection of branding agency and strategic growth partner for our clients.

This requires both a great focus on design AND a focus on tangible business deliverables.

This project is an excellent representation of how you can take something in a historically not-sexy industry (construction) and elevate it to truly be a fantastic experience.

Looking back, what aspects of the project are you most proud of, and why?

One of the most unique features we built was a horizontal scrolling case study display.

Our clients Sales Team wanted a way to easily and effectively present their work in a board room scenario without having to create custom decks every time.

Now, it's as easy as pulling up a page on the website.

Packed with metrics, project details, and high-quality visuals of the job, it's everything the sales team wanted (and more)

What were the key learnings from this project? How has this experience enhanced your agency's capabilities?

Our typical project is 6 months long. This project in particular was a 12-month endeavor.

One thing that I learned was that with a 12-month project many things can change.

We had team members on both sides leave the organization.

It also left time for individuals to re-think aspects of the project.

Having an extremely well-documented central hub of information that both parties can easily access at any point is absolutely essential when dealing with a project of this complexity and duration.

Based on your experience with this project, what advice would you give to other companies facing similar challenges?

Large-scale projects such as this one are no easy feat.

My best advice would be:
1. Choosing a partner that you feel like you'll enjoy working with for an extended period of time
2. Recognize that at times decisions are fluid, and that even the best laid plans may need to change
3. Prioritize what you want to accomplish and lay out plans to do specifically that

Are there any upcoming projects or new directions your agency is excited about?

As we enter 2024 there are a number of amazing projects in the works. We can't name names, but a couple we're currently working on:
- A website for a local non-profit
- A website for an exciting fin-tech brand
- A website for a well-known university

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