Client Success Story: SEAL Foundation + Gassman Creative

February 26, 2024

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Hear about the project, in a fun Q&A style, that agency Gassman Creative produced for the SEAL Foundation.

Could you give us a brief overview of a standout project recently completed?

We’ve been working with The Navy SEAL Foundation for four years. We repositioned the foundation from being the ‘center’ of the support system to being a ‘conduit’ between potential donors and Naval Special Warfare (NSW). The new tagline, A NATION OF SUPPORT, and manifesto serve to bring the entire country into the NSW fold – not just large donors.

What specific challenges did your client face that led them to seek your services?

They needed to increase smaller donors to diversify from large donors.

How did your agency's approach or methodology uniquely address these challenges?

We created a big idea and built a strategy that communicated it clearly.

Did your team implement any innovative strategies or technologies in this project? How did these contribute to the outcome?

We utilized a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels, including a funnel. Called ‘STAND WITH SEALS’, our fully-automated digital funnel uses a combination of paid social ads, email, landing pages, and SMS.

How did you collaborate with the client throughout the project? Were there any notable synergies or learning experiences?

Working with Veterans is one of the most unique and eye-opening experiences one can have in business.

What measurable results or tangible benefits did the client experience as a result of your work?

  • Current new recurring donor acquisition price is $3.50 -$5.50, with landing page views under 10¢ and new email list subscribers under $1. Monthly recurring donations increased by 200% and rising.
  • Digital campaign increased monthly recurring donations from $20k/month to $88k/month and growing ($4.5k/month ad spend)
  • Online video brought in over $25,000 in donations in 24 hours (Organic)
  • Digital campaign raised over $250k in one week for Warrior Mental Health ($7k total ad spend)
  • Grew their email list from 5k to over 100k subscribers
  • Work was featured on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News
  • Won Gold at Graphic Design USA

How do you anticipate this project will impact the client's success going forward?

Trajectory remains strong, and the campaign will increase with donation growth.

How did the client respond to the completed project? Do you have any client testimonials you could share?

“There are a handful of people that you work with in life that are simply exceptional. They do their research. They listen. They incorporate your feedback, and they help make your organization great. Dave is one of those guys. I can roughly explain my vision for a campaign, and he takes it and creates emotional and impactful marketing. It’s wonderful to be able to trust his understanding of us. Dave makes it look easy, and I am grateful that he is part of our team. The Navy SEAL Foundation loves Dave Gassman!”

Robin King, CEO – Navy SEAL Foundation

How does this project exemplify your agency's core strengths or unique selling points?

Everything we do is built upon a Big Idea. Strategy, media channels, and creative work all serve to communicate it.

Are there any upcoming projects or new directions your agency is excited about?

We're evolving the brand to communicate to an even wider audience. We'll be taking advantage of more video and TV.

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