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50Pros is an invite-only platform that evaluates, recognizes, and lists the top 50 professional-services firms in 50 categories for Fortune 1,000 companies to discover & hire

100% vetted & curated platform

We check if each firm is 1) competent in their field; 2) able to produce results; 3) reliable & trustworthy; 4) well-equipped for long-term potential

Total Categories:


Firms per Category:


Target End Users:

Fortune 1,000 companies

F1000 Aggregate Revenue:

$32+ Trillion USD / year

F1000 Total Employees:

36+ Million

50Pros Monthly Distribution (p, Dec 2022):


Total Outsourcing Spend (p, 2023):

$971.2 Billion USD

50Pros Launch Period:

September - December 2022

Rewards Partnerships (beta):

26 and growing

We hyper-focus on building relationships with the biggest companies in the United States

Who are the Fortune 500 companies?

How It Works

Guaranteed to deliver

We deliver real value so you can deliver real value

Small Client List -
Big Spending Power

We showcase you to the 1,000 best companies in the United States who together comprise of $18T (trillion) in revenue and more than 36M (million) employees.

Esteemed Endorsement

We only list firms we like love and trust to produce stellar results for clients. By making our list, you meet our qualifications & receive our confidence.

"Not another profile!"

We get it - the last thing you want is to register on another website that complicates your workflow. There are no profiles here - all links go to your website so clients can contact you directly. Simple & easy.

No Pay-to-Rank

It's not cool to get milked for cash. With 50Pros, the list is randomized each time (every refresh) to give each listed firm a fair shake.
No ads. No sponsored rankings.

Insider Information

As a leading authority, we give our community exclusive access to special insights & industry reports from the top leaders & experts.

Free Perks (beta)

We have partnered with great companies like AWS, SendGrid, and HubSpot to give our community discounts & perks - with over $20,000 in free stuff.

One easy, affordable, & valuable membership

Get x10 the value you pay


Lists randomized each refresh
No account registration
Links go to your homepage
Get contacted directly
15-minute application
50Pros lists & showcases you
Get listed up to 3 categories with a single membership
No ads & no sponsorships

50Pros Membership


"Like having an assistant CMO"
Get recognized as a top 50 firm in your category
Get listed on 50Pros & showcased to Fortune 1,000 companies
Get access Rewards & Perks (over $20,000 in value & growing)
Get a neat badge to place on your website, email signature, & more
Get invited to special opportunities, like white papers & reports
Request to join
10% deposit required now, pay the rest later
Full refund if your agency does not make list

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the overview?

By 2023, companies are expected to spend $971.2 billion (compared to $901.2 billion in 2022) on outsourcing & shared services.

50Pros exists to attract & make it easier for top companies to discover & hire specialized agencies & firms. With our curated & limited directory, companies can quickly get connected to firms they can trust - without all the noise.

How much does it cost?

$730 for a 12-month membership.

There are no trials, no discounts, no monthly structures, and no part-contra deals.

What can I expect?

The process is designed to be not only easy for hiring companies, but easy for agencies too.

- No gatekeeping (clients visit your website & contact you directly)
- No sponsored placement (list is randomized each time so every featured firm gets a fair shake)
- No cost-per-click/impression fees
- No onboarding
- No complex processes
- No friction
- No brokerage or referral fees

Who are the target end-users?

Fortune 1,000 companies.

In addition, other US-based companies with at least $10 million in annual revenue may be targeted.


Curated & verified firms

Notable client list

Monthly distribution (p, Nov 2022)*




Saturation per category
(avg. number of firms per category)




Sponsored ads/rankings




Annual pricing




*50Pros launched in 2022, Clutch launched in 2013, and DesignRush launched in 2017
As the only curated, high-end directory on this comparison chart, maximizing traffic is not a significant KPI, as we focus on strong & intimate relationships with our highly-specialized target end-users