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Investing in a membership is designed to provide each agency with x10 ROI


A path to an agency's sidekick



A must-have for top-performing agencies



A supercharge to reach new peaks


Up to 3 categories
Up to 3 categories

Featured on 50Pros

Get listed in the 50Pros platform and be showcased to companies looking to hire an agency


Included in match-making network

Get displayed and featured in our white-glove match-making services to Fortune 1,000 companies


Recognized as a top 50 firm

Get global recognition as a top firm in your domain, including a "Top 50" badge and a Press Release template


Up to 3,570/year
Up to 2,250/year
Up to 100/month

Dataset requests

Like having your own personal assistant, request data & info you need to propel you forward, faster


2 per year
1 per year

Press & article publication

Get a dedicated spotlight article to highlight the experts behind your team



Dedicated SDR

Get a real-human sales development representative assigned to your agency to get you clients

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Marketplace deals

Offer special deals to incentivize firms to work & partner with your agency


Rewards & perks

Get $50,000+ worth of free perks from our partners

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Annual Documents

Get access to exclusive contact lists that 50Pros gathers, such as Fortune 500 executive contact info

Up to 3/year
Up to 2/year
Up to 1/year

Guest-written articles

Get your guest articles hosted and published on our site, with hyperlinks permissible



We don't upsell, ever. Everything you see here is the only thing you ever pay.


Special promo access

Get invited to special opportunities, like white papers & reports


Exclusive content & alerts

Get exclusive content, offers, and opportunities delivered straight to your inbox

7 days per week
5 days per week
5 days per week

Real-person support

We believe in real human help, and we're here for you

Note 1: All plans are billed annually.

Note 2: Platinum and Titanium eligible only to agencies that have been accepted to 50Pros. Even after receiving a preliminary invitation, successfully getting accepted after submitting an application is a necessary step in order to get a Platinum or Titanium membership.
In other words, you can only get a membership after your application is accepted.

Note 3: If you need more data to make an informed decision on whether you would like to investment in a membership, be sure to read our FAQs below and this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the big picture?

By the end of 2023, companies will spend $971.2 billion (compared to $901.2 billion in 2022) on outsourcing & shared services. 50Pros exists to attract & make it easier for top companies to discover & hire specialized agencies & firms. With our curated & limited directory, companies can quickly get connected to firms they can trust - without all the noise.

How much does it cost?

There are three tiers of membership: $95/mo, $126/mo, or $320/mo.

To ensure a fair & unbiased platform, our entire business model runs on this membership fee that each firm is required to pay. There are no additional fees, nor opportunities for advertisements or sponsorships.

There are no trials, no discounts, no monthly structures, and no part-contra deals.

How does it work?

The process is designed to be easy for hiring companies and also the agencies.

After submitting an application and a small deposit that acts as your commitment to proceed with a membership, there is nothing else you need to do. Our team takes it from there.

- We manage and operate your listing
- No gatekeeping (clients visit your website & contact you directly)
- No sponsored placement (list is randomized each time so every featured firm gets a fair shake)
- No cost-per-click/impression fees
- No onboarding
- No complex processes
- No friction
- No brokerage or referral fees

Who are the target end-users?

We mainly focus our marketing efforts on Fortune 1,000 companies. However, the 50Pros platform is public and accessible to all -- so it's open to all businesses that are looking to discover & hire agencies.

We also target fast-growing companies, such as VC-backed companies, that are looking to accelerate their efforts with agencies.

How many new clients can we expect?

On average, an agency listed on 50Pros can expect 183 clicks throughout their membership year.

Note that we do not share traffic on website-wide or category-wide analytics, but we of course share the amount of clicks that your specific agency receives.

We do not track how many new clients our agencies receive since all links point externally/outbound to each agency's own website.

Why the best companies in the world choose 50Pros to find firms

Only the best

Each agency is pre-vetted so you can hire with confidence

50 in-demand categories

From PR to SEO to AI, we have the expert teams for any project

Start quickly

Links go to homepages, so you can directly contact a firm (no signup)

Full support

Our friendly team is at your service Monday - Friday, 9AM-9PM EST

Unbiased lists

Each directory is randomized each refresh (no pay-to-rank-higher)

And much more

More than a directory, we provide complimentary business services