We proudly operate with zero employees. Just a team of 30 through agencies. (And we perform exceptionally).

We prove every day how amazing agencies are

High-performing companies know when to hire employees vs. agencies

Let's look at an example.
If you need a patent on a new product you are building, would you recruit & hire an in-house lawyer? Of course not!
You would simply hire a patent attorney from law firm.

Similarly, you can utilize agencies to get stellar results from real professionals - and not increase labor costs by keeping a full-time employee continuously on payroll.

3 big reasons we prefer agencies

1. Work with real professionals that get to work on Day 1.
No employee training, no management babysitting, no amateur hour.

2. "Pay as you go" & save money. For example, if you need an outbound sales team, you should only pay for the number of targets that were contacted (and not 8 hours per day + commission).

3. Save yourself from administrative headaches.
Easy to hire, easy to fire, easy to measure, and easy to be efficient & effective.

We are not alone

Almost all of the Fortune 500 companies use agencies for a vaiety of projects and tasks.

Whether it is to hire a video production firm to film a Superbowl commercial, a naming agency to think of a great name for a new product line,  a ecommerce development studio for a Shopify merch store, an AI agency to help implement generative AI & machine leaning, or a public relations firm to communicate during a crisis -- companies of all shapes and sizes trust their agency partners to be by their side.

The simple, transparent methods we use to promote the 50Pros platform and your firm

50Pros is distributed to millions of people around the world, with a core focus in the US

Direct Relationships

Implementation of 50Pros into companys' toolbelts of resources

Print Advertisements

Full-page ads on national magazines, like Entrepreneur

Paid Digital Ads

Primarily paid LinkedIn and Google advertisements

Outbound Sales

6 hybrid direct outbound methods to reach audiences


Onboard users through exclusive partnerships, such as VCs

Word of Mouth

Build a phenomenal community...and they will come!

Real example on how 50Pros structures its agency teams

We famously operate without employees and uses agencies & contracted work
Nine agency teams for nine departments

Research Team
Committed to identifying and curating the best agencies in the world, as well as researching market trends that clients need
Sales & Marketing Team (Clients)
Committed to helping companies/brands know about the value of agencies, and showcasing wonderful agencies on 50Pros
Sales & Marketing Team (Agencies)
Committed to supporting top-rated agencies in more than 150 professional service categories to thrive and grow
Content Team
Committed to developing relevant & useful content as a resource for agenices and clients
Customer Success Team
Committed to providing quality responsiveness to those that rely on the work we do each day
Strategy Team
Committed to making the greatest impact for the future of work and making workplaces better & more efficient
Product & Technical Team
Committed to building products that make people's workday much happier
Match-making Team
Committed to getting clients connected with the right agencies and assisting in project scopes
SDR Team
Committed to getting agencies new clients and business growth

How To Hire An Agency

Determine the services you need

Browse our directories to see the kind of professional services that agencies can deliver results to you


Search & browse agencies

We vet & curate the best agencies so you can view and compare  which agencies will be most-suitable for you

Get in touch

Each agency has a link to their website so you can further review and contact them directly


Why the best companies in the world choose 50Pros to find firms

Only the best agencies

Each agency on 50Pros is vetted so you can trust who you hire with confidence

150+ in-demand categories

From PR to SEO to AI, we have the best teams for any project you have

Easy & fast start

Links go to homepages, so you can directly contact a firm (no signup)

Full support

Our friendly team is at your service Monday - Friday, 9AM-9PM EST

Unbiased lists

Each directory is randomized on each refresh (no pay-to-rank-higher)

And much more

More than a directory, we are committed to the future of work