Welcome new firms! We specialize in connecting supply & demand

50Pros is backed by seasoned technologists & entrepreneurs in the match-making & market-making industry

What's the general gist?

By 2023, companies are expected to spend $971.2 billion (compared to $901.2 billion in 2022) on outsourcing & shared services.

50Pros exists to attract & make it easier for top companies to discover & hire specialized agencies & firms. With our curated & limited directory, companies can quickly get connected to firms they can trust - without all the noise.

50 categories. 50 firms ("Pros") in each category.

Who will use 50Pros?

Fortune 1,000 companies.

In addition, other US-based companies with at least $10 million in annual revenue may be targeted.

What can I expect?

The process is designed to be not only easy for hiring companies, but easy for firms (you) too.

- No gatekeeping (clients visit your website & contact you directly)
- No sponsored placement (list is randomized each time so every featured firm gets a fair shake)
- No cost-per-click/impression fees
- No onboarding
- No complex processes
- No account required
- No friction
- No brokerage or referral fees

How are Pros vetted?

We use an internal methodology & approach to determine if a firm is 1) competent in their field; 2) able to produce results; 3) reliable & trustworthy; and 4) well-equipped for long-term potential.

Note that, if necessary, we maintain full discretion in removing firms "Pros" from any list at any time. For example, if a firm does not meet expectations based on a customer's report, the firm may be re-evaluated.

How much does it cost?


How does it work?

If you are accepted to join & be featured, you will complete a short questionnaire (less than 30 minutes) that allows us to create a snapshot of your firm. That's all you need to do!

From there, our team uses that information to feature you within your category.

What if I got waitlisted?

Some categories are already at maximum capacity (50). We recognize there are more than 50 firms that can produce stellar results but we are confident that our structure of limited options is the right approach to serve our customers in the best way.

New clients are the lifeblood of any business - so we will inform you, on a first-come-first-serve basis, when vacancies open up.

How we can start/apply?

Request a spot and someone from our team will do a preliminary evaluation to determine if there is a good fit.

If you have questions, email us: hello@50pros.com

Other FAQs:
- "Do you sell data?" No, never.
- "Is there a commitment?" No, if you wish to de-list at any point for any reason, we will remove your listing.
- "Can we get a certificate?" Yes, if accepted, you will receive a badge that can also be placed on your website.

Have another question? Email us!

Why the best companies in the world choose 50Pros to find firms

Only the best

Each agency is pre-vetted so you can hire with confidence

50 in-demand categories

From PR to SEO to AI, we have the expert teams for any project

Start quickly

Links go to homepages, so you can directly contact a firm (no signup)

Full support

Our friendly team is at your service Monday - Friday, 9AM-9PM EST

Unbiased lists

Each directory is randomized each refresh (no pay-to-rank-higher)

And much more

More than a directory, we provide complimentary business services